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Introduction of Tibetan mastiff kennel

China, as the origin country of Tibetan mastiffs, has been the source for breeds in continents of Europe and America as well as countries in other areas. The very first Tibetan Mastiff arriving Europe was named Bhout, bestowed by Hardinge, an Indian governor to Queen Victoria in 1847. Since then, the Europeans began to recognize this unique breed of dogs with features typical of plateau topography. The breeds in Europe nowadays are mainly descendants of the Chinese Tibetan mastiffs exported to Europe 100 years ago.

Due to the limited number of available sources for breeding, the European strains are inferior in overall quality to the Chinese Tibetan mastiffs.

In recent years, many Europeans begin to import Chinese Tibetan mastiffs in an effort to improve the quality of European strains through breeding. Our base is the first, and the only major kennel in China that exports Tibetan mastiffs to Europe. Those exported to Europe from our base so far have comprised the main force of the current European breeds, enjoying a high popularity in local areas, with many of them winning championships in various contests.

  All the Tibetan mastiffs in our kennel are from Tibet – Qinghai in South West China, the origin location of the earliest Tibetan mastiffs. As the biggest breeding center in China, we enjoy the best recognition as well as most extensive and professional breeding expertise. The center currently has more than 100 Tibetan mastiffs, about 100 puppies are available every year. The Tibetan mastiffs in our base are sold to kennels and farms throughout China and all over the world.