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Shipping and Export Documents

a).We offer assists in obtaining all export documents for your dogs
   b).Book a shipping space for your puppy when you ordering ticket.( because only the plane which has aerobic cabin is able to ship live animals.)
   c). if needed, providing puppy transportation from Taiyuan to Beijing international airport.

Transportation ways
To ensure the life safety of the pets, the airlines rarely allow passengers sent their dogs and cats solely and without company of the people. So we usually have three ways to ship them: 1. The buyer came to China, choose the puppy and take them away. 2. The buyer entrust their friends to take them back. 3. We help the buyers to find sb. to take the puppy back for the buyers, but the buyer need to provide the airfare and accommodation for the shipper.We recommend direct pickups by the buyers.

The transportation costs of the dog
  The transportation costs of the dog is different according to different airlines. You can consult your airlines, usually it is within 200 euro to 300 euro!