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   ֧ߧ ٧ӧ ا ҧڧߧ, ӧݧ ܧڧѧۧܧڧ ֧ڧߧѧݧ ѧ٧ӧ֧է֧ߧڧ ڧҧ֧ܧڧ ާѧڧ.

5 ާѧ 2010 ԧէ ڧݧ֧֧ ѧߧܧ-֧֧ҧ ӧڧ ڧҧ֧ܧڧ ާѧڧ «Puppy» ڧԧݧѧ֧ߧڧ ڧߧ ӧѧӧ էݧ ѧڧ <֧ާڧߧѧ ҧݧ֧ާѧ ӧڧѧߧڧ ڧҧ֧ܧڧ ާѧڧ ֧ӧߧӧѧߧڧ ڧҧ֧ܧڧ ާѧڧ>, ӧ٧ԧݧѧӧݧڧާ ݧѧӧ.       click>>>>

A chinese breeder's experience in Russia

   My name is Zhanghuibin.I am a Chinese tibetan mastiff breeder Upon Slaves invitation,I brought one tibetan mastiff puppy to Saint Petersburg on March 5 ,2010 in order to attend the meeting of <The seminar and contest of tibetan mastiff which was hosted by him.   click>>>>

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 The dog which was robed by Slave is Dalong he arrived Russian in  March 2010

The Statement about the Pedigree Certificate of Dalong in LongCheng Kennel

The dog is 1 year old . he stay in Russian  with Slave  now .
3 momths old, (the picture which was taken before he left China)